i am thankful for soulja boy


What to say during sex

  • ooh
  • ee
  • ooh ahh ahh
  • ting
  • tang
  • walla walla bing bang

Wow I’m gonna fucking lose it omfg

11-28 / 23:51

W ow

11-28 / 23:48

If you want me to secretly hate u please show up late to everything, and have no concept of time

11-28 / 23:34

I want to break something

11-26 / 0:18

Since when is it okay to pick someone up 40mins late

11-26 / 0:18



If she’s “too young” for her to be wearing “shorts that short”, she’s also too young for you to be sexualizing her body for wearing them.

Someone finally fucking said it

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